5 Allergy Tips

Is the pollen getting to you?  Are your sinuses giving you grief?  Would you like another choice to relieve your symptoms? Look no further than acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  

In springtime, everything comes alive and shows their joy of life after the cold winter. According to Chinese Five Element Theory, the spring is the time of the Wood element which likes to grow and spread its Qi freely without impediment. Therefore one should have rather a cheerful mood to follow the natural Qi of the season.

Here are 5 tips to reduce allergies:

*When the wind blows pollen will follow.  You might want to stay indoors.  

*Wash your clothes soon after being outside.  

*Of course, when pollen counts are high, you might want to postpone your gardening or outdoor activities.  

*According to German research, there is more pollen in the air in the city in the evening.  So you want to circulate your air in the early morning indoors for your house.  It opposite in the countryside.   

*You might want to check your local tv or newspaper for the pollen forecast.  This way you can plan your outdoor activities better.  

With the blooming of all kinds of flowers, the pollen comes with it. Some people may experience allergies. The usual symptoms may be sneezing, runny nose or teary and itchy eyes or even headache. In Chinese medicine when the Wind(Wood Element) invades the Lung system, it can cause these symptoms. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine may help with this condition by addressing the imbalance of the Organ systems and blocked channels. 

We hope these allergy tips keep you well.  Experience a holistic approach to your health with an experienced and licensed acupuncturist.   Give us a call at (919) 803-2424.

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